Where can you buy essential oils online?

A friend suggested to me one of the best essential oils websites online, offering therapeutic grade oils, but you will be shock what I found

Essential oils websitesFirstly, I was shocked that she sent me to Amazon and E-bay to purchase high quality essential oils, so let me warn you all now about using any of the many essential oils websites such as Amazon or E-bay in regards to therapeutic grade essential oils or any other high quality essential oil products.

I was shocked to find out that if you buy therapeutic grade essential oils from sells sites online instead of directly from the company. You are taking a big risk on not getting the right product and spending more money. I’m not telling you this so you to buy direct, but I feel if you are paying for a product such as Doterra you should not be getting a sub-standard products that could be harmful and wasting their money.

The trick is to use generic bottles, counterfeit labels and cheap scented water or oil, often this results in offering the customer a unhappy experience from rashes, tummy upsets and a lot of money spent on something you didn’t want in the first place.  

Where should customers buy therapeutic grade essential oils online?

I would suggest you buy from one of the most responsible and respected essential oil company available online to date. The company is called Doterra and they have been operating since 2008. There is three way to purchase essential oils from Doterra; As a Retail customer, a Wholesale Customer or as a Wellness Advocate. 

Buy therapeutic grade essential oils as a retail customer

  • Order Oils from my online shop at the retail price
  • No fees and start shopping now.


Buy therapeutic grade essential oils as wholesale customer 

This option is good for those who just want the benefits from the Doterra products and save money on their purchases

  • Receive wholesale pricing (25% discount) on all product purchases
  • One-time fee of $35
  • Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points
  • Eligible to receive Doterra’s FREE Product of the Month
  • No monthly order commitment required
  • No tax ID required


Buy wholesale therapeutic grade essential oils as a Wellness Advocate

This option is good for those who just want the benefits from the Doterra products, save money, but also want to run Doterra as a business

  • Receive wholesale pricing (25% discount) on all product purchases
  • 35$ sign up and annual renewal fee
  • Option to receive 10-30% of your monthly purchases back in FREE product points
  • Eligible to receive Doterra’s FREE Product of the Month
  • No monthly order required
  • Earn compensation and bonuses for sharing Doterra products with others
  • Able to sign up new Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates
  • Free Doterra personalized business and Webshop
  • Free marketing tools, training and support
  • No monthly fees!
  • Annual $35 membership
  • Be rewarded from what you buy and sell
  • Free website, backoffice and no monthly fee!


Testimony from massage therapist and educator that buy online 

Buy therapeutic grade essential oils“As a massage therapist and educator, I have applied essential oils to hundreds of people including children, adults, and senior citizens with great results. Unfortunately, attempts to apply oils to my husband resulted in a severe skin reaction causing him to break out in small bumps that would itch and scab over. I was working as a distributor for another essential oil company and they told me he must be “defective” or “toxic” in some way, and I resigned myself to the fact that he could not benefit from using essential oils. I was then introduced to Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils by a trusted friend, and I decided to carefully give them a try on my husband. We applied a small amount of oregano, which would normally cause a severe reaction, to his back before he went to bed, and in the morning he was fine. Encouraged, we applied oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, marjoram, peppermint, and Balance blend for a second night, and he had no uncomfortable reaction as he had using the other company’s oils. This is very encouraging for both of us and we plan to continue using essential oils from now on.

For more information about how to buy therapeutic grade essential oils – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….

Author: travmies

My name is Steve Jackson and I am a Doterra Consultants. I have been in the MLM and home business industry for many years, however over the last few years I have been with Doterra with great success. So, if you are considering starting a home based business, Doterra would be a great choice because Doterra ticks all the boxes for me and so I am sure they will do the same for you. The starting cost is just 35$ / 20€ / £20, which includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fees. Find a Doterrra Consultant in your area: http://doterra-source-to-you.global-aroma.com/

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