5 tips to be successful in life and in business

All the inspiring stories of successful people have a similar characteristic of learning to give up something that is stopping them from becoming successful 

The fact is nobody like giving up anything in life, but if it means the difference between becoming successful or not it may be advisable to reconsider your position.

Having these 5 simple rules is intended to develop the mind towards bigger and better things rather than thinking mediocre and commit and take practical steps towards your personal and business success.

Tips to be successful in life

5 ways to be successful in life and in business by giving up the things that stop you   

  1. Give up short term mindsets
    • Dream big, dream really big, but take it in small parts, by creating daily habits that will get you where you want to be. Think beyond the abstract such as “Financial freedom and leaving my job”. Take it to a level where you can visualize it and almost taste that success by creating a objective or goal that will energize you every time you think of it.
  2. Give up on playing small
    • Take ownership and personal responsibility for your journey, you are the Captain of your ship, so you can choose where to travel and even how long you stay. A difficult task for many people in the network marketing and MLM industry is to commit to the destination they have mapped out for themselves. Setting goals is in reality a simply commitment to a destination in the future, not setting or committing to the destination means you are wondering in the wilderness with no way of knowing if you have arrived or not.
  3. Give up excuses
    • The most inspiring stories of successful people are those who have with overwhelming adversary and without considering their own situation had achieve success. This is a classic and a major reason why people do not succeed or even get started in the first place. Procrastination and excuses tells everyone that the individual is going nowhere fast. Winners find reasons why they can and losers always find reasons why they can’t, so give up the excuses and be a winner and create your own real life inspirational stories of success.
  4. Give up the need to be liked
    • An expression my mother told me a long time ago which has helped me through the good times and the bad time of being a entrepreneur is that, “You don’t need to like everyone and not everyone needs to like you”. It is so simple, but so true, the fact is we cannot please everyone so stand up for your own beliefs because there will always be the ones that love you for your success and ones that hate you for your success. The solution to this type of situation is to suck it up and be yourself.
  5. Give up toxic people
    • We all have them somewhere in our lives and the smart move is to avoid them like the plague. Search out and spend time with people who are born winners, because what ever they touch turns to gold. This simply means spend time with people who do not put up with average, because, if you hang around with winners you will become a winner, if you hang around with losers you will become a loser.


Inspiring stories of successful people

Through the years, I personally have found that this list works, because simply believing and I mean really believe that you can succeed can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing. 

And, I know that most of you have been in that situation where your personally relationships end up with you doing all of the work with no enjoyment in the social interaction. 

In the end, you are responsible for your key to success in life and in business, if it is in business or personal relationships, but hopefully in some way my 5 ways to be successful in life and in business will help you decide weather you have what it takes to be a winner. 

For more details on  how the tips to be successful in life and business will help you – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap …..


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