What are the best essential oils to buy near me?

I want to find places to buy essential oils near me that offer highest quality oils at an affordable price?

Places to buy essential oils near meIf you want the opportunity to buy essential oils wholesale or retail, you always want to purchase the highest quality you can find at the best price possible. This means choosing 100% pure and natural oil and avoiding oils that has been blended with a high concentration or variety of carrier oils or fillers. So you should always purchase oils from a reputable company that is known for selling only the best quality essential oils. In addition, available buying from Ebay or Amazon, there is no guarantee you are getting what you pay for regardless if you think you are getting a bargain.  

However, the good news is that you can buy essential oils wholesale and retail online at a very high quality directly from the company itself. Even though you would likely spend more on quality oil, this is to be expected because the best oils production process is long and expensive so the customer gets what they pay for. Now, this does not mean that a new or lesser-known company automatically sells a bad product but it does mean that if you decide to buy essential oil from a company that is not well know it is imperative that you learn all you can about the product they sell.

Some of the answers you need when you buy high quality essential oils are the percentage of pureness, the amount of carrier oil added (there should not be any carrier oil is single essential oils), and the way in which the oils has been stored. For instance, if the oil has been stored in a well-lit area and in clear or light-colored containers, or even containers of the wrong material, the properties of the oil would be compromised. As a result, the oil’s fragrance and therapeutic values would diminish over time.

Where can you buy essential oils wholesale or retail?

The places you should buy high quality oils is the types that test their oils to a therapeutic grade standard level. The best standard is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that also go through a quality protocol that includes:

  • Organoleptic testing
  • Microbial testing
  • Gas chromatography
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Chirality testing
  • Isotopic analysis
  • Heavy metal testing

If the company is using such testing protocols you can be assured that you are getting a very high quality product. The best essential oils to buy for this level of quality, can only be found in one place and that is at Doterra essential oils, because Doterra creates the purest essential oils in the world through their unique quality testing. Watch the video below for details: 

How do I find a places to buy essential oils near me and the best price?

Fortunately, you do not need to travel far. Just walk to your computer and go directly to our webshop online. You can purchase Doterra oils at retail, Wholesale or as a Wellness Advocate (Doterra Distributor).

As a retail customer

Cost: Free

Starting with the retail customer, it is a simple process, just go to the Doterra webshop, find what you want, and purchase the products at retails. That is it! No discount prices, No free products, just a straight transaction and you receive your products within a few day.

Click here

As a Wholesale customer

Best essential oils to buyCost: 35$

The second method is for the people interested being a Doterra wholesale membership. As apart of the wholesale membership you receive wholesale discount of 25% on all product purchases. An option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points. You are also eligible to receive Doterra’s FREE Product of the Month, you have no monthly order commitment requirements and no tax ID requirements. 

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As a Wellness advocate (Distributor)

Cost: 35$

The third option and the best value for money is the Doterra Wellness advocate. As a Wellness advocate you are entitled 25% off all Doterra products, a free website so you too can share products, build your business and earn commissions for an annual fee $35 membership. This option has also has LRP (loyalty bonus), product of the month and no monthly fee. This option is for the business minded and see the advantage of using Doterra oils in the daily lives as well as in your case an additional income stream to an existing business,

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To buy essential oils wholesale or retail – click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap…..

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