Is it possible to sell Doterra essential oils and make money?

One question that many people have asked me a lot before they join Doterra is, “Can I really make money from selling Doterra oils?”

It’s not such a stupid question, because no-one would start a job even a freelance job without knowing how much they are expected to earn from their time and effort. My wife is a real estate agent and for sure she understands how her earnings are calculated such as the percentage she will be receiving from the sale of the property, and if there are any extras she will earn on top of the deal. So, of course someone who wants  to know how to sell Doterra and create their own sales team wants to know the full details such as:

  • Is there any other stores that sell Doterra essential oils online?
  • What type of business packages are available? Download Business packages
  • How the commission plan works?

  • Can I make money from selling Doterra oils?
  • Where does the money comes from?
  • What forums or tools will be useful to make money selling essential oils?

As you can see from the Doterra figures the very obtainable rank of Silver pays an annual amount of $25000 which is good considering 63% of Doterra leader attain this rank.

Selling Doterra oils

How much money can be earned from selling Doterra oils from home?

In this article, I am going to go through 2 main ways you can sell Doterra essential oils and make money:

Firstly, you can become a Doterra distributor and sell Doterra essential oils directly to the customer. It is a great way to make instant cash simply by buying at the wholesale price and selling at retail, this is a concept we all understand.

However, there is also another way of selling directly to the customer rather than passing products psychically. The customer can also buy Doterra products through your free personalized web-shop. In this case the customer can buy independently or enroll as a Wellness Advocate or wholesale customer and get 25% discount. If a Doterra distributor (Wellness Advocate) is working hard at selling the products in this way he or she can make a good living by doing party plan, health and wellness shows, essential oils classes and so on.

The second way of making money is not from selling Doterra oils but from building a team of distributors and teaching them to do the same. Many of you are thinking, “Who do I know who would want to sign up to sell Doterra products from home?” There are a vast amount of people looking to earn some extra money and the likelihood is that they will be people that have purchased Doterra products from you directly or from your webshop.

So the only real and truthful answer is:

Speak to people you know and people you don’t know

How you achieve that first contact?

There is a definite fear of asking someone to start their own business, but pushing through that wall does become easier the more you do it and the more success you have. There is no easy way, but the internet has change a lot of thing which were done by hand only a few years ago, such as an auto-reply system on your website or affordable advertising online.

However, when you contact someone about selling Doterra oils as a distributor, keep it simple. If you are a child of the internet I would suggest blogging, article marketing, or social media marketing, because it is a cheap and easy way of building a team.

If you are not, then chatting to your customers when you do a essential oil party or class and handing out business cards is an alternative. This is a very effective and powerful way of building a great and successful sales team. Both of these methods will create wealth and a very good passive income.

Of course the Doterra oils business plan and the ways of making money from Doterra is a little more in-depth than I have shown in this article. Though the simple process of selling the products and creating a team is the basic premise of building a powerful business.

Nevertheless, the real power of Doterra comes in having the benefits  of their high quality essential oils and the fact the business plan is simple and easy to understand which means you have a highly sell-able combination which will surely make you money.

For more information about how to sell Doterra and start your own business click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap…..

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Selling Doterra oils has never been so easy

Would you like to sell essential oils from home and make an excellent part-time income Doterra essential oils.

Selling Doterra oilsDoterra essential oil wellness products are sold exclusively through Independent Product Consultant are making big hits in the business world. They work from home, introduce, educate, and sell Doterra essential oils and products  for which they receive sales commissions. The Doterra home-based business opportunity represents a part-time income for many Independent Consultants who share their personal enthusiasm for our products with friends and associates via in-home demonstrations and by referring people to personalized web shopping sites. Others enjoy significantly higher sales commissions with a full-time commitment to building global customer organisations and by sponsoring and mentoring other Independent Consultants for which they receive additional sales bonuses.

What are the benefits of selling Doterra oils from home

For a low registration fee of $35 / 20€ / £20, you start to sell essential oils from home and will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Privilege of purchasing products at wholesale prices 25% below retail prices.
  • Privilege of earning free product purchase credits in the Autoship Rewards program.
  • Ownership of your own personalized webshop site where they can sell Doterra essential oils to their customers and the unbeatable Back office (no monthly fee) to which you can refer your personal customers and receive retail bonuses.
  • Privilege of sponsoring new consultants and receiving generous bonuses on their sales and on the sales of consultants they sponsor.
  • Access to your own personalized business management web site with no monthly fee.
  • Other special product promotions and discounts.

How do I sign up to sell Doterra essential oils from home?

  1. Click hereSell Doterra essential oils – the link will take you to the Doterra front page
  2. Pick your preferred language and select the country that you reside in or global access country then select “Wellness Advocate“, then press “Continue
  3. Fill in your details and choose a password, then agree to the terms and conditions and VirtualOffice condition and click submit (if it is not already there. my Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  4. Choose your Enrollment Fee / Intro Packet (the basic package to sell Doterra essential oils is 35$ / 20€ / £20) which includes a free webshop and VirtualOffice
  5. Then click Continue
  6. Then pay for your order

If you want to sell Doterra essential oils and would like to become a Doterra consultant at Global Partnerships – click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap…..

Sell essential oils from home


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