Doterra essential oils quick reference guide

Our Doterra essential oils guide will take you through the benefits of becoming a Doterra distributor and your journey towards financial freedom.

Doterra essential oils quick reference guideThe journey ahead for anyone serous about becoming a Doterra consultant is made of many ups and downs, but considering 62% achieve the rank of Silver and 22% achieve Gold, it is worth it in the end.

However, everyone achieving success in Doterra have one thing in common and that is they have taking action. They acknowledge to themselves that they want more than they have and understand that they need to do something to achieve that goal. This is a turning point and a revelation in regards to being successful in business.

What does taking action mean for the Doterra essential oils consultant?

Doterra essential oilsEven though taking action is a vital stage in the development of anything worth achieving it doesn’t completely answer the question of success in Doterra. Does taking action mean purchasing a Doterra essential oils starter kit? Yes, of course, but leaving it in the package to collect dust is not taking action, it means activating yourself and changing your mindset to become someone who is willing to do what it takes to be successful.

The journey towards financial freedom starts when you say to yourself, “This is my Doterra essential oils business and this is my plan for success”. This is when your personal identity begins to change and develop and you begin to believe that you are a Doterra Consultant and you are will be successful.

What does Doterra essential oils success mean?

When you become a Doterra consultant the concept of success can be an abstract idea because how do we know when we are successful?

Success for all of us if different, we may say that success is happiness or success is lots of money and in some why both of these examples are true.

However, to know that one has achieve something in life it needs to have the ability to be measured so we know that we have done it.

Doterra essential oils starter kitDoterra does help in its business plan by allowing us to achieve ranks, but our personal goal I believe are more important, because they have an emotional element. Personal goals are those things we have been dreaming about forever. Those life goals that bring a lump to the throat and a passion in your heart that makes you want to be more than you are.

I am sure that every successful Doterra essential oils distributor feels that excitement and passion every time they tick off one of their personal goals, but they also continuously plan how they intent achieving success and the next goal on their list.

Planning your Doterra essential oils business is the same as planning anything in life.

  • Doterra essential oils quick reference guideWe take action, by purchasing our Doterra essential oils starter kit and activating ourselves and our mindset as a business minded individual
  • We set goals, by deciding what we want to achieve in our Doterra business.
  • We make a plan, by dividing our time into tasks that will help us achieve our goals.
  • We then work on and complete our tasks everyday
  • And finally, we never give up, because success is not about working on our business when everything is going well, but when you have a bad day and you keep on going.

Of course, this is the overall plan and the one we should reflect on as a template around which success will be built, but creating a practical list of tasks is one way of create a concrete path that will give us direction.

Developing a list of tasks is a personal adventure and not all successful Doterra essential oils consultant do the same tasks every day even though many of them are similar. Our personalities define the type of tasks we give ourselves, because some of us are shy and some of us are social and outgoing. Fortunately, the internet has allowed the shyer individuals in society to be apart of the traditionally confident and social business model of network marketing. Now it is possible for the Doterra distributor to work online rather than running classes. Both methods work and both methods will give you success, but both methods also demand that the Doterra Essential oils rep never gives up and believes they will be successful.

To become a part of a Doterra essential oils team that believes in success of those who want it, I have put the simple enrollment instruction below:

  1. Click here
  2. Select your language and country
  3. Choose “Wellness Advocate”
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Select the your enrollment package (The basic enrollment package fee is 35$ / 20€ / £20 / 50 AUD however if you purchase a product enrollment kit the enrollment fee is waived)
    • All business packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  6. Click continue
  7. Purchase your enrollment package

Within a few minutes you will receive an email confirming your membership.  

The advantage of joining an experienced team in Doterra essential oils is because we have already been through the ups and downs of running a Doterra business. So, we are willing and able to help you until you are on the right track to success. If you have found our Doterra essential oils quick reference guide has been useful and would like to know more, PM me and we will get back to you asap or download our Doterra a-z guide on the bottom below …..

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