How to use On Guard cleaner concentrate in the kitchen

When we started using Doterra we quickly found that firstly the products were great but then we understood that Doterra On Guard uses were vast compared to the other Doterra products. Doterra On Guard could be used for supporting a healthy immune and respiratory function, protecting against environmental threats, promoting a healthy circulation and finally cleansing and cleaning surfaces and work top. So, since last year we have changed all of our cleaning products in the kitchen to Doterra On Guard and not because its healthier to use than traditional cleaning products even thought that is a very good reason. But, because we have found that it cleans far better and it smells far nicer than the products we were using in the past.


  • Put a small amount of Doterra On Guard cleaner concentrate into a spray bottle and add water.

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Author: travmies

My name is Steve Jackson and I am a Doterra Consultants. I have been in the MLM and home business industry for many years, however over the last few years I have been with Doterra with great success. So, if you are considering starting a home based business, Doterra would be a great choice because Doterra ticks all the boxes for me and so I am sure they will do the same for you. The starting cost is just 35$ / 20€ / £20, which includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fees. Find a Doterrra Consultant in your area:

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