How to start an aromatherapy business

I get asked a lot about starting an aromatherapy home business, so they can make a little extra money on the side

how to start an aromatherapy business

Firstly, having a successful home business does involve work, however the growth of the internet has enabled anyone and everyone with the right determination and drive to be successful. Running a aromatherapy oils business is truly an international business because the products and services are all available online so customers from all over the world can benefit from the products that you can offer.

Why does anyone want to start a essential oils business?

Some people start their own home business as a way to earn a little extra money to supplement their regular day job. It is not uncommon, with hard work and determination, to achieve a level of success whereby you can give up your regular job and devote all your time to your home-based business. Generally this start from purchasing one of the many business opportunity essential oil kits available from companies such as Doterra.

What type of career line you can take:

  • Aromatherapy or Aromatic consultants
  • Business Owners
  • Essential oils home business owners
  • Aromatherapy Writers
  • Spa Consultant / Practitioners
  • Retail Specialists
  • Aromatherapy Educators
  • Integrative Healthcare Practitioners
  • Hospice / Palliative care
  • Web Retail Stores

And these are some professions that aromatherapy could be integrated:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Spa
  • Health club
  • Asian Bodywork Therapies
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Hospice Volunteers
  • Yoga, Pilates or Method Putkisto
  • Reiki
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Integrative or alternative Medicine
  • Holistic medicine

Essential oil kitsWhen running a professional organization in aromatherapy the quality of the products are of vital importance, so further integration of a business with a business is just smart business. For example  joining Massage Therapy and selling essential oil kits are just good business, because the clients that use your massage services already love essential oils and would buy them if the offer was available. Also, the customer already trusts you and believes that the products you are offering are of the best quality.

Below I have written instruction on how to start an aromatherapy business

Aromatherapy home businessThe type of Aromatherapy home business opportunity we are offering is one of the best home and online businesses around at the moment! They are offering as their main product line, therapeutic grade essential oils and related products that gives the individual like yourself the opportunity to become a essential oils consultant, make money online and buy essential oils wholesale by simply purchasing one of their business startup essential oil kits.

The companies name is Doterra and they have been successfully trading globally since 2008. The basic starter kit is available at 35$ which includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee. However to avoid paying the enrollment fee it is possible to purchase a product enrollment kit and a massively reduced price.

Essential oil kits

To enroll with Doterra and purchase one of the Doterra essential oil kits, go through the instruction below.

  1. Click here
  2. Choose the business package for you (Wellness Advocate is the business option)
  3. Fill in the form with you details
  4. Choose a password
  5. Read Terms and Conditions and Check Box
  6. Welcome to the Doterra Global Partnerships team!
  7. As apart of the Global Partnerships team you may receive email offering you basic startup training in Doterra membership and business overview.

Once you have received your essential oil kits I will contact you by email so we can arrange a Skype meeting to discuss what will be your next move regarding your Doterra essential oil  business.

However, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to PM me and I will return to you asap…..

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We are Anja and Steve Jackson and We are Doterra Consultants. We have been in the MLM and home business industry for many years. So, if you are considering starting a home based business, Doterra would be a good choice because Doterra is 2nd in the MLM top 20, which is amazing since they only started in 2008. The starting cost is just 35$, which includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fees. For a free Doterra product guide:

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