Is Doterra oil pulling a healthy way to clean my teeth?

The best oil for oil pulling is coconut oil, because it is a great oil for Dental hygiene and care, but how is it used?

Doterra oil pullingWe are told that coconut oil is one of the best oil for oil pulling products on the market for dental hygiene, but what are the benefits when used as a mouthwash?

Several studies show that the best oil for oil pulling is coconut oil. Published in medical journals, it shows that coconut oil takes away and kills bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi and toxins in the body. It has also been used as a medication for several other illnesses and infections such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, measles, hepatitis and influenza. 

Researchers discovered that the growth of streptococcus bacteria that usually cause tooth decay declines when using coconut oil. Coconut oils has been found to kill the yeast that some people get when getting thrush. Because coconut oil contains many useful helpful nutrients and enzymes many regard coconut oil as a effective treatment.

Doterra oil pulling is safe and is considered as the most effective way to clean your teeth and promote a healthy element to your life. I would suggest that you use coconut oil three times a day, before breakfast, after lunch and after dinner to have the best results.

How do I use coconut oil with Doterra oil pulling?

Doterra oil pulling is very simple, you need one tablespoon of coconut oil, mixed with 1 drop Doterra clove oil, 1 drop Doterra OnGuard protective blend and 1 drop Doterra peppermint oil. Swish the oils around your mouth and between your teeth. Continue for 15 minute to give yourself the best support for dental health and boosted immunity.

Benefits of using coconut oil

Best oil for oil pullingAnother coconut oil is that it promotes healthy gums, makes you skin smooth and clear, and treats bad breath and halitosis. It also makes the teeth whiter and stronger, reduces migraines and helps with asthma and allergies. In addition, coconut oil gives you enough energy and better sleep.

Cleaning your teeth with coconut oil will make your mouth and teeth feel really clean and white. However, people really do want good dental health care, because we all want to feel attractive and beautiful especially when you smile. So, maintaining a healthy fit body may not always mean that you are healthy, because bad oral health will definitely make you feel unhealthy .

Doterra oil pulling with essential oils will give you a healthy, clean and fresh mouth and whiter teeth. However, when using essential oils for oral hygiene be should that you use ONLY therapeutic grade essential oils. The reason for this this that low quality oils have impurities which as not recommended for internal use such as Dental hygiene.

Doterra clove oil, peppermint oil and a blend called OnGuard are the best and most trusted therapeutic grade essential oils available.

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