Make the best car freshener yourself and save money

We all love the new car smell, but did you know you can make a DIY car air freshener to bring that new car feeling back

New car smell sprayI agree, I am one of those people that love the smell of a new car. Sitting in my new car for the first time and taking in that moment, there is nothing like it.

The question is, why make your own?

Simply, apart from the toxic chemicals that come in many car fresheners there is also the sickly smell that I find unbearable.

When using essential oils to make your own DIY car air freshener you are avoiding the toxic chemicals and you get a vast choice of flavors to choose from such as peppermint, wild orange or myrrh depending on your taste. I have found two simple techniques to fleshing up your car and make it feel brand new or at least smelling better than it was.

Essential oils new car smell spray

Simply, find a old spray bottle and clean it out, making sure there is no toxic residue still inside or better still buy a new spray bottle from the DIY store.  Fill the bottle with distilled water and five – ten drops of essential oil. You can create a blend or just use one oil, it is your choice. Take a clean cloth and using the spray bottle, spray around the interior of the car and then wipe with the cloth. I have found that using Doterra Lemon essential oil is great as a non toxic cleaning agent as well as a DIY car air freshener.

DIY car air freshener recipes

Best car freshenerClean and fresh

One pint / ½ liter – distilled water
Five – ten drops of Lemon essential oil

New car smell spray

One pint / ½ liter – distilled water
Five drops of Wild orange essential oil
Five drops of Wintergreen essential oil

For the long drive

One pint / ½ liter – distilled water
Five drops of Sandalwood essential oil
Five drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

DIY car air freshener – cotton wool diffuser

The second technique for freshening up your car is simply put a few drops of essential oils on a ball of cotton wool and leave it in the car window over night. In the morning your car will be smelling great. Again use whatever flavored oils that please you and give you the results desired.

I hope this information has helped you find the best car freshener without the toxins, however for more details on how to use essential oils – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….

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Doterra apple and pear salsa recipe

Enjoy this wonderful Doterra recipe for this hot and tangy apple and pear salsa to compliment any meal. Personally I would use it have a alternative to the classic apple sauce we often use as a complement for roast pork. However, as a evening snack with Tortilla Chips and a cold beer is also a TV favorite for me.

Note: There are other Doterra food recipes on this site so check them out they are worth a try.

Pear salsa recipe

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The art of cooking with Doterra essential oils

Since joining Doterra some years ago I have been returning to the subject of cooking with Doterra essential oils and the positive aspect to our daily lives

Putting essential oils in your food is simply putting the essence of the plate, flower or bark into your recipe to create another level of interest to your food as well as unique taste beyond the norm. This is without saying a healthier option to putting artificial flavorings in your food. The reality is that many processed food have preservatives and chemicals to enhance the flavor of the products as well as excessive amounts of salts and sugars making it even more important to avoid process foods and to learn to cook food the more traditional way.

However this is not a new concept, the  use of essential oils goes back thousands of years when it was considered that good food and oils were related physical healing as well as emotional well-being. The power of natural substances such as essential oils were believed to provide a healthy boost when used in the kitchen.

Why is cooking with Doterra essential oils the better option?

When cooking with essential oils safety should always be in your mind, because not all essential oils are created equal. The important factor is the grade of the oil, using a cheap brand maybe fine for your diffuser but I would not suggest consuming it. The minimum grade of essential oil for cooking should be food grade or better still therapeutic grade essential oil such as the ones produced by Doterra.

The best oils for your Doterra essential oil food recipes

Cooking with Doterra essential oils

How to use essential oils in Doterra recipes

Doterra essential oils should be added at the end of the cooking process so the flavor of the oil is keep in the food, but remember that essential oils are far stronger that normal flavorings so one drop should be enough. However, if you find it a bit too strong, then let the recipe simmer for a while before offering it to your guests or family.

Doterra recipes for breakfast

The morning juice has become a regular part of our morning routine and with Doterra oils it allows you to pick and mix to whatever taste that takes your fancy.

Simple carrot and ginger kickstart

Doterra recipes for carrots


10 middle sized carrots (cleaned and stork removed)

Doterra ginger essential oil – 2-4 drops to taste


Juice the carrots using a juicer

Mix in the essential oil

Pour into a glass and drink

This is a great recipe that you can make the even before and then put it in the fridge over night so its ready in the morning and its yummy

Wild Orange and chocolate oat fool 

Doterra recipes


Organic oats – 1 table spoon

Organic Linseed flour – 1 table spoon

4 Dark plums (chopped)

5 dates (chopped)

Doterra Wild Orange essential oil – 4 drops

Organic Coco power – 1 table spoon

Organic Kefir (unflavored) – 1 cup (add more if needed)


Take all the ingredients and put them in a blender

Blend until smooth

Pour into two serving bowls and put into fridge

For more Doterra essential oil food recipes go to Recipes from the kitchen by Manuela Battilani or check out some of the Doterra recipes on this blog.

Doterra essential oil food recipes


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How to infuse olive oil with Doterra essential oils

These very simple Doterra essential oil recipes shows how to make your own flavored olive oil by Doterra essential oils into favorite olive oil. Infusing olive oil with essential oils is a great way to make original flavors for cooking in the home. Doterra offers multiple essential oils from the classic rosemary and basil essential oils to the unusual such as cardamom and clove essential oils to infuse into your olive oil.

Buying Doterra diffuser

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Doterra peppermint butter cream recipe

Doterra peppermint butter cream recipe is great for parties, its simple to make and with essential oils it is healthy and refreshing. So, get yourself into the kitchen and give your family a treat.

Doterra consultant

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