New direct sales companies 2017 review

Top MLM companies 2017 need you, but the question is do you have the right mindset to be a MLM consultant

If you are the connection-forming kind of character, and one who would freely leave the guarantee of an 8 hour/day job and a constant income, only to be offered your own schedule and pay from your own efforts and aptitudes, then an MLM business opportunity would almost certainly suit you well.

What is the top MLM companies 2017?

New direct sales companies 2017

In my opinion, such thing doesn’t exist, however, there are some companies that could be considered as well respected MLM business opportunities, which will give you the opportunity to make money from home.

These companies help you in order to make the best you can be, and this is the kind of organization you should be seeking.

So if anybody gives you the “MY company is the only one” speech, don’t let yourself be drawn in, because there are many good opportunities available out there, it just depends on what you are looking for and what product or service attracts you.

There are things that your success depends on which normally mean that they are the best mlm to join. Let’s take a quick look over the matters you should be asking yourself before signing up to any MLM business opportunity.

Is there a need for their product?

  • Is there millions of possible buyers?
  • Are the products value for money?
  • Is it too expensive? (People wouldn’t buy expensive beauty products in times of crisis).
  • Are the products consumable? (This means recurring orders from clients).
  • And, essentially, does it have a monthly auto-ship program to make it work?

All network marketing businesses that are authentic and authorized will have some type of monthly product shipment and / or membership plan.

All the new direct sales companies 2017 have good compensation plan

I would suggest that the compensation plan is the second aspect of a MLM business that you should consider, despite the fact that some people may even look at it as coming first when considering sustainability and endurance. So firstly ponder these question:

  • Do you understand compensation plan?
  • What are the conditions for getting paid?
  • Do you have retail commissions?
  • Does it contain residual income?
  • Do you receive commissions for training and supporting new distributors?
  • Is there a override income on your team’s sales?

If you dislike risks, then it is possible that you have a preference for the Get-Paid-Today model, but generally this type of model is only used with tech services / products.

Look at why it is the new direct sales companies 2017:

  • Does the company have good leadership with past experience and achievements in MLM?
  • Has the company have a long enough history and financially stable?
  • What is the retention rate?
  • How often do people buy products?
  • Are the products of a high quality?
  • Are the products unique?

The product should be something that is unique and, even better, that has zero competition. If it is not exclusive, it should be above the others. I also think that if you are consider getting involved with a “me too” product, one that is not exclusive, then you should only get involved if the organization has at least 3 years market experience. If it does, then it should have shown some advance already; go ask good old Google, for example – what does the internet know about it?

One of the top MLM companies 2017

Best mlm to join  is one with a good retention rate (over 50 % up to 65% is better) is something to look at, and even a low startup cost and no monthly fee is good to have, but most valuable of all, you need to consider the support system. In the absence of it, you could be making no income, no matter how competent the company, the product and the compensation plan are.

  • Does your upline in the company assist you?
  • Do they react to your inquiries punctually and successfully?
  • Can they teach you internet network marketing skills?
  • Can they help you put together your own website?
  • Most significantly, drive traffic to it?
  • Can they show you how to use online social networks to market your products?

Talking to your family and friends isn’t going to be enough to sustain your business long-term, you need the potential of the internet to connect with people all over the country and around the earth in order to form a stable, lasting team.

A good internet marketing strategy can give you the power to get to a 3 or 4 figure income within months. If you haven’t encountered a skilled leader, you had better look for one. Irrespective if the company is the best mlm to join . The training you have and the system you use is central to your success. and this depend on you, not on your organization.

In conclusion, my opinion the best direct sales companies to work for is the one that you do not need to lay out too much money every month on auto-shipping or monthly fees or extras such as webshops and so on. I would suggest a company that has a low start up fee of 35$, with no monthly fee, free webshop, free back office and even the possibility to get free products.Top MLM companies 2017To get started with one of the best new direct sales companies 2017 – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….

How to create a mindset to success in your Doterra business?

As I remember, before I had a network marketing mindset, it was massively frustrating to work hard at building my business

Mindset to success

We have all been there and somehow at one point in our network marketing careers or in this case our Doterra careers, we suddenly realize, “what am I not doing?”

Most of the information available in books and online explaining how to run a MLM business is great, however they often forget to mention the most important factor that make one person successful and someone else not.

Which is the individual running the business and the mindset needed to become successful

Why do we need a network marketing mindset?

The excitement of starting a Doterra business with all the possibilities that comes with it, is great for the first few months until reality slowly starts to dawn on you:

  • The enroller is supportive and knowledgeable
  • Doterra is well run and their products are just the best
  • And, you really want Doterra success

However, why is your business not moving forward?

  1. Firstly, ask yourself, “Do I have the right mindset to success for Doterra or network marketing?”
  2. And if not, how can I get it?

Running a Doterra business is like running a marathon, which most runners and athletes will understand is 90% mental and 10% physical.

Everyday you work on your business, putting one foot in front of the other, but your mental strength will be the thing that pushes you forward when you feel you cannot continue.

Many years ago, I watch a dear friend of mine during a bad time in his life become successful in a network marketing business. When I asked, “how he managed to become successful while others were not even though his life was a mess?” He told me, “Even though things are bad, people in my life still needed me, so I needed to change my attitude, become self-motivated, have desire and discipline to make this business work.”

Doterra successAfter pondering his answer for many years I put it down to his own mindset to success and turning a bad situation into good. Over the years we get together for a chat and over that time I begun to understand some of the key points that made him successful. So, below I have shared them with you.

The 5 keys gain the right mindset to success

  1. Socialize with successful people: 
    • Consider this, if you socialize with people who are going nowhere guess who else is going nowhere.
    • Find people to inspire you to become more that you are and gain that success you have always desired. 
    • Now, ask yourself if the people you surround yourself with lift you up or cause you to doubt yourself.
    • If they bring you down, what will you do about that?
  2. Never stop learning something new:
    • Learning is about developing new skills which will help one succeed in Doterra. 
    • All network marketers regardless how long they have been in the industry need to home new skills to keep on top of their game.
    • Learning helps the network marketer to become a more interesting person, hence an interesting person to be involved with.
    • These new skills will give you the knowledge to become a leader with a vision and the mindset for success.
    • As you develop, your mind grows and adjusts accordingly giving you the confidence to interact with prospects interested in your Doterra business
  3. There is no such this as “can’t”:
    • Nobody has succeeded in anything when they start the conversation with, “can’t”
    • I have spoken with many people that said they really wanted to be successful in MLM, but they would start by saying:
      • I can’t talk to people about my Doterra business
      • I can’t do sales
      • I can’t find the time
    • Beginning a dialogue with yourself that starts with “can’t” means you have predetermined your chances of success with failure.
    • Limiting what you do in life by saying “I can’t” is counter productive and the death of personal and business success
    • Refer to limited beliefs and the “fixed mindset vs. growth mindset” argument (Google search)
  4. Build a support system:    
    • Who is supporting you?
    • Who is helping you to build your Doterra business?
    • Having a support system can be the difference between success and failure
    • People close to you may not support your efforts or understand why you are involved with Doterra, so surround yourself with positive like-minded people
    • Contact your Doterra sponsor, mentor and use online groups of like-minded people who are all interested in becoming successful in Doterra
    • Establishing a good support system will help you develop a success mindset for your business
  5. Create a positive success routine:   
    • Have you looked at the top network marketers and said to yourself, “I want some of that!”
    • Don’t look at what they have, look at their daily routine. What are they doing everyday to be successful
    • When you see someone who is fit, slim and healthy don’t think how good they look. Think about their daily habits that are needed to achieve this result.
    • The positive routine philosophy can be transferred into your Doterra business and life.
    • What are the top earners doing on a daily basis? Find out! Do something similar in your daily life.
    • The main habits of the most successful network marketers is persistence (Never give up)

How to change your mindset to success

Why do we hold ourselves back from the success and income we really want and deserve? It is a complex question, but in many cases the answer is simple. We are being asked to move out of our comfort zone in an area of possible failure, embarrassment and not comfortable.

Some of us are born with no fear of failure and a confident mindset, but others need to develop these skills overtime.  

Here are some tools that may help you develop and empower yourself towards Doterra success:

  • Write down the things you say you can’t do, so you can own them
  • Write down why you feel it is important for you to change them
  • Now write down an empowered version of yourself without the things you can’t do
  • Visualize yourself so you can see your life with this new empowered version of you and all its benefits
  • Use positive support to find your inner strength.
  • Step out of your comfort zone (One new thing everyday)
  • Work on your personal development to help you empower yourself and your mind.

Network marketing mindset

Have you found what is hold you back from being successful in your Doterra business?

Now, the most important question, what are you willing to do about it?

Every time you change and branch out of your comfort zone and push the limits of what you believe you can do, you are moving one step closer towards a network marketing mindset that will give you Doterra success.

For more details about mindset to success as a Doterra consultant PM me and I will get back to you asap. Alternatively, if you are not a Doterra consultant yet and would like to join my team – Click here and join Doterra now.

Doterra scam or a great opportunity?

Is Doterra a scam? Well, the simple answer is “NO!” of course not, it is a legitimate business opportunity with a great reputation for trust and honesty  

In fact, the reviews on Doterra are great and considered one of the best MLM home based businesses available online at the moment and not even close to any so called multi level marketing scams.

Such as this short acknowledgement from a Doterra Consultant 

With an already strong presence in North America, Europe, Oceania, Latin America and Asia, this company continues to expand due to the attractiveness of its product line and to the wide variety of resources available to its independent product consultants which helps get the word out about the role of essential oils in a healthy lifestyle.

Doterra scamA new wave of network marketing companies are expanding all around the world in the 21st century and as a result more and more firms are joining the network marketing profession in an attempt to cash in on the opportunities that it provides. But how does one recognize a valid company in the midst of the thousands of businesses out there that proclaim to be the next best thing?

The best policy is to study the key components of that opportunity. Don’t just enroll with the first opportunity that comes across your plate, because it was referred to you from a trusted resource (I’m definitely not referring to Google here). Do your due diligence and make a wise decision based on your findings.

A business that has been gaining ground of late is Doterra and so this review will share the insights and information that I learned from analyzing this business.

First off, when examining a network marketing business one must take a careful look at the foundation of the opportunity itself. In the case of Doterra, I went through many reviews as well as related opportunities and by all accounts Doterra was highly recommended. I found no evidence of any multi level marketing scams or shady behavior, just a company trying to do the right thing for its customers and consultants. 

Doterra began its launch January 2008. The business focus is on offering new and high powered wellness alternatives primarily through its unequaled blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. Doterra oils offer therapeutic results but without the side effects of “traditional” medications. This was the stage where I said to myself that DoTerra was not just another one of those multi level marketing scams that I should avoid.  My main reasoning was their desire for detail and quality in their products, a company looking to extort money through such a business would not go to all this effort and time to create protocols to insure the best quality products for their customers.

Is Doterra a scam

Doterra’s corporate leadership team has a joined track record of over 100 years and their resumes are definitely striking. One business man who stands out from the pack is Dr. David Hill, chief medical adviser and chairman of Doterra’s scientific advisory board. Dr. Hill is widely considered one of the globe’s most pre-eminent leaders in the field of integrative medicine and essential oils. He is also the author of numerous books and conducts numerous research endeavors to further the understanding of the healing properties in essential oils.

His inclusion in the corporate leadership team indicates the company’s commitment to producing ground breaking and scientifically backed products. This is crucial and is a step that many opportunity’s overlook in their business development.

Doterra’s products fall into 4 product categories:

  • Doterra essential Oils
  • Doterra Wellness
  • Doterra Spa
  • Doterra Living

All Doterra products are designed according to Doterra’s wellness philosophy:

  • Eating correctly
  • Exercising
  • Resting
  • Managing stress
  • Reducing toxic load
  • Informed self care
  • Proactive medical care

Only Doterra Therapeutic Grade essential oils are used in the product productions.

Doterra has decided to distribute its goods through an independent consultants who earn bonuses from their sales and from the sales of products from within their own sales team.

Distributors can earn good retail and wholesale customer commissions of 25 % respectively. Consultants also earn up-front commissions or fast start commission and overrides when they sign on other consultants in the company. Doterra also pays consultants residual money that falls into its Power of 3 Team Bonus and Organizational Leadership Bonuses division.

Reviews on Doterra and business rankings 

Overall the reviews and business rankings show that complaints about Doterra are few and DoTerra seems to have a pretty good foundation in place such as:

  • An excellent corporate staff
  • Scientifically proven products
  • Fruitful compensation plan
  • And from personal experience a great support staff

The missing ingredient however, is marketing. Doterra consultants main focus to grow their company is on recruiting new consultants and acquiring customers. Most will start out by sharing the products with their friends and family, but there will come a point where they have exhausted their personal network and are looking to expand their business beyond their sphere of influence.

At this point, the consultant needs to learn and develop skills allowing them to build their business online as well as locally.

Multi level marketing scams

That is where the internet and cutting edge online marketing skills help level the playing field and give the average entrepreneur a chance at building an above average profits stream.

Fortunately, you have found the right person, with the knowledge and the skills to help the new consultant to develop their business on and off line. In reality, finding the right blend of online and offline skills to grow a business can be extremely difficult, so having the right person on your side who can help and support you is vital to their success.

So, finally, there is no Doterra scam or shady dealings, just a honest hard working company giving individual the opportunity to improve their situation and create a sustainable income. For more details – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap…

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