Where to find the best non toxic cleaning products?

Source: Where to find the best non toxic cleaning products?

Doterra cleaning recipes for Clean Floors Everyday

The beauty of using essential oils on your floors, is that you don’t have to worry about using a specific oil on a specific service. Each essential oil will work on your floors. These Doterra cleaning recipes works if you have tile, hardwood, linoleum, ceramic, laminate, and vinyl. You can mix any of the oils I recommend above to make this recipe or use one single oil.

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Cooking with Doterra tips

Chefs of many fine restaurants, personal chefs, nutritional coaches and people simply loving to cook a healthy meal have discovered the value of fortifying recipes are cooking with Doterra essential oil, because Doterra is 100% pure, Doterra is therapeutic grade, and digestible.

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The benefits of using sauna oils in your Finnish sauna

Considering that I lived in Finland for many years the smell of the sauna wood oil on a Friday evening told me that the Finnish wood sauna was ready

Sauna oils for sale

Friday evenings in Finland is sauna time. This means collecting the wood from the wood shed and starting a fire in the firebox of the sauna stove. Then allow the sauna to warm to a good 75 -90 degrees. In my opinion, the Finnish wood sauna has a softer heat compared to the electric sauna, which I feel is much to do with the use of natural materials such as silver birch wood or Norwegian pine.

The benefits from going to a weekly or twice weekly sauna is great, firstly it improve the immune system, helps relieve muscle tension, tone up the muscles, and relaxes the body. You will notice while sitting in the sauna that your heart rate will increase, which will increases your metabolism, blood circulation, and detoxifies your body. A sauna also can improve your overall mood and mental state, in Finland this may also be because of the social aspect of the sauna culture.

In the past the only oil used in the sauna was sauna wood oil  but recently other oils have been used such as peppermint, Eucalyptus and lemon. Using essential oils can play a major role in a rejuvenating the body and enhancing the sauna experience.

Sauna oils

The sauna oils should be mixed with water and then poured onto the sauna stones to create a intoxicating stream. When mixed with water and steam, the essential oil gets readily absorbed in the skin. This results in the cleaning the lungs via the bloodstream and relaxing the mind and body. 

Below I have created a list of my favorite sauna oils

Sauna essential oils list

Peppermint Essential Oil

Using peppermint oil in the sauna makes a great muscle relaxant. It helps treat sore muscles and muscle pain. It is beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, as it also reduces inflammation and joint pain. The scent of peppermint has a healing effect. It is known to heal emotional pain and bring a sense of peace. It also eases headaches, abdominal pain, fever, and nausea.

Peppermint – Essential Oil 15ml

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil in the sauna is great for both calming and clearing the body and easing breathing. It has a fresh and clean aroma that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Eucalyptus oil helps in relieving pain. It is also beneficial to clear sinuses, congestion, and ease respiratory issues.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 15ml

Melaleuca Essential Oil (Tea tree oil)

Melaleuca oil (Tea tree oil) in a sauna is beneficial in cleansing and regenerative the body, especially for the skin. Composed of more than ninety different compounds, melaleuca has limitless therapeutic applications. The aroma of this oil is fresh. It stimulates the immune system, fights viruses, and is an antiseptic.

Melaleuca Essential Oil 15ml

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is widely used and accepted for its calming and relaxing qualities so it is great to used in a sauna. The sauna helps relaxes muscles, and is an antiseptic, antidepressant, and analgesic. The scent of Lavender essential oil also helps treat common colds, coughs, insomnia, migraines, and influenza. Also lavender essential oil has been know to relieve anxiety and stress.

Lavender Essential Oil 15ml

Sandalwood Essential Oil

The exotic fragrance of sandalwood is deeply relaxing in the sauna. It has a woody scent which creates harmony to the body and mind. Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. It is beneficial to treat muscle pain and spasms. It stimulates the immune system, encourages sleep, and is very helpful in treating skin issues. Sandalwood essential oil is also has antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, and astringent properties. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil 5ml

Lemon Essential Oil

Sauna wood oilAnother favorite of my sauna oils powerhouse is the nature and potent properties of lemon essential oils. Lemon oil is known as a powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser that can be used to complement many other oils. If you are planning a sauna, at the beginning of the day, citrus oils such as lemon, lime or wild orange are the best choice to awaken your senses and get back your energy levels. Citrus essential oils detoxifies your body from the inside out.  A regular session with citrus essential oils will help in easing pain, reduce inflammation and depression.

Lemon Essential Oil 15ml 

It is important to note that sauna oils are very strong because they are concentrated, so dilute them before use.

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Doterra slim and sassy reviews for 2018

For most women being slim and confident is a major goal in life, so if you would like to be slim and sassy Doterra can help you achieve that goal

Doterra slim and sassyAll of us like to see ourselves well-groomed and fit. However, this should not be seen as a vain act even though the psychical benefits are seen by all. The health benefits are more important for a sound mind and body.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for the most obvious reasons; we simply can not maintain our body weight. For some people the dilemma of being overweight starts first in the mind: It is all psychological and once the mind is healthy, the slimmer body will automatically follow. Mentally, aromatherapeutic process of using Doterra slim and sassy can help you to fight stress and lift your mood.

The connection between smell and emotion are thought to be extremely close. Taking a deep breath of pleasant smells triggers positive reactions in the brain, resulting in a sense of well-being and goodness. We are all very unique. If Doterra slim and sassy product works well for one person it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same for the next person. The way the oils are used could also make a difference; one person might benefit more by using Doterra slim and sassy weight loss essential oils in the bath, rather than inhalation, massage or burning the oils.

Doterra slim and sassy reviewsThe same theory holds good in the case of human weight; more you feel good, the more you will feel a physical well-being. A regular Doterra slim and sassy aromatherapy for weight loss session may help you achieve weight loss by increasing your sense of well-being and relaxation.

However, aromatherapy cannot produce the desired weight loss without you creating your own calorie reduction regime. This can be achieved simple by either eating a calorie-reduced weight loss diet, or by increasing calories burnt through rigorous exercise, or more ideally by a combining diet and exercise. Aromatherapy has proven to be very useful for this weight loss because this natural way of treating the side effect of weight loss.

Slim and sassy Doterra product review

Slim and sassy DoterraDoterra slim and sassy Metabolic Blend is a proprietary formula of Therapeutic Grade essential oils designed to help manage appetite between meals.

Slim & Sassy includes a blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils. Just add 8 drops to 16 oz. of water (regular size bottle of water) and drink between your healthy meals throughout the day to help manage hunger, calm your stomach, and lift your mood. For aromatic, topical, and internal use.

  • Doterra slim and sassy, our proprietary metabolic blend, combines powerful essential oils known to promote a healthy metabolism in a natural way.
  • The flavorful blend of Slim & Sassy helps manage hunger throughout the day while boosting metabolism and promoting a positive mood.
  • Doterra slim and sassy contains Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon. When taken with a healthy eating and exercise plan
  • Doterra slim and sassy Metabolic Blend can help you reach your weight management goals.

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The best healthy steps wellness program is a life time journey

My blueprint for wellness and healthy living is a long term plan that will take me through an endless journey of self discovery

Healthy steps wellnessMany people believe that health and wellness is the absence of disease but it is more than that. Wellness is when you feel energetic, vital, and ready to get up and go.

  • When you wake in the morning and you feel terrific
  • When you can go through your whole day and you have energy
  • When you go to bed at night without any aches and pains
  • When you feel like you have lived and accomplished something

That is what most regard as health and wellness.

Many people tell me they are just fine and that they are doing terrific. But, as I get to know the person I find out that they are on:

  • Four different medications
  • They have health concerns
  • They are dealing with diseases
  • They are going to the doctor frequently

It is amazing how often this occurs. These people are not experiencing a healthy lifestyle or even close to being well.

People seem to be in denial when you first talk to them about their health, but as you get to know them you find out exactly what is going on in their live’s. The truth of the matter is we are not getting healthier as a society. In fact, we are getting worse over time. Because of our lifestyles and our diets overall, we are dealing with huge problems with our health, however there is another way.

How do we achieve sound health and wellness?

Sound health and wellness means taking small steps, while making huge changes and deciding to totally stop doing things that usually make us feel bad. Yes, this is very difficult to define if someone is in denial. 

What is the alternative to feeling tired, sick and under the weather?


How do we do that?

There are some small things you can do to change your lifestyle, which can improve your health and overtime allow you to return to healthier and happier lifestyle.

I am sure many of you have tried to change your life before and probably failed

  • Have you tried to get healthy and avoid eating those sweet treats
  • How many new years’ resolutions have gone by?
  • How many diets have you tried?
  • How many exercise programs have you started?
  • Have you decided not to do it anymore?

The reason for failing is because we are not happy outside our comfort zone. So what happens?

  1. We try and do something a little uncomfortable
  2. We try and change
  3. We feel very stressed with the new situation
  4. So, overtime we revert to old behaviors because they are more comfortable

My blueprint for wellness and a healthier lifestyle 

Sound health and wellnessOne of the biggest obstacles people have to overcome when they are trying to create new behaviors is to believe that they need to accomplish 100% change. They have got to do that diet exactly and work out seven days a week without fail. They have got to do something huge and that creates unrealistic demands on them.

What we want to do is not try so hard to be perfect, but realize we are going to do just the best we can. Reaching for 95% gives you a little bit of wiggle room. So, if you go to the movies and have some popcorn and a small drink, it is not the end of the world.

Developing a lifestyle that integrates health and wellness into a unhealthy lifestyle is a pathway toward a happier future. The journey will be long and there will be upsets on the way, but as long as you are moving forward and you strive for 95% you are successfully moving toward a positive lifestyle. So allow yourself to do the best you can and forgive yourself for the rest.

Wellness is just a decision away and the people that can help you is Doterra. Doterra is a health and wellness company that uses essential oils in all the wellness products which has helped many people to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Free essential oils uses guide for the beginner

We will try and show in this therapeutic essential oils guide how to treat your oils with respect and care

free essential oils guideThe fact is essential oils are delicate so care needs to be taken from production, storing to use.

Essential oils can be damaged by ultraviolet light and deteriorate more rapidly at the blue end of the spectrum than the red. Therefore, using amber-colored bottles are the best when shoring your oils, however most of the good essential oil companies such Doterra essential oils understand the importance of shoring their oils currently and supply the products in the appropriate bottles.

Another concern regarding the storage of essential oils is extreme temperatures. Essential oils are highly volatile which means that they evaporate rapidly. Always replace the caps immediately and ensure that the tops are tightly closed when the oils are not in use.

I have to say that this has not been a problem for my wife or I, but essential oils last for approximately three years from the bottling date. In excellent storage conditions (i.e. amber bottles in a cool place with no air space) they will keep for about five years. Citrus oils tend to have a shorter shelf-life due to their high proportion of terpenes in those oils. Also, absolutes and resins which thicken even more with age and the smell of the solvent becomes more noticeable.

Therapeutic essential oils guide to blends

Once essential oils have been diluted in a carrier oil and made into a blend, the shelf-life is reduced dramatically. For maximum benefit use freshly made-up blends. A blend will keep for about three to six months if it is stored in an amber-colored bottle in a cool place away from sunlight. If wheatgerm oil is added then the shelf-life is approximately six to nine months. If the smell alters and the vegetable oil becomes rancid then you should definitely discard it.

Essential oils uses guide to the dos and don’ts of buying and storing your oils

  1. Therapeutic essential oils guideClear glass or plastic bottles do not contain therapeutic grade essential oils. Always buy oils in amber-colored bottles or better still buy your oils from a reliable company such as Doterra.
  2. Find out how old your essential oils are? When were they bottled?
  3. Do not leave your oils in direct sunlight
  4. Are your essential oils all the same price? If they are, then you are definitely not purchasing therapeutic grade essential oils. For instance, therapeutic grade essential oils of rose will be far more expensive then lavender or rosemary.
  5. Have the essential oils been diluted with any carrier oils? If so, when were they blended?
  6. Have the essential oils been adulterated with synthetic materials or bulking agents? If so they are not therapeutic grade essential oils.
  7. Does your essential oil distributor mostly sale perfume? If so, it is a tell tell sign to look for a  therapeutic grade essential oils specialist.
  8. Does your supplier know about the essential oils?
  9. If blends are being sold, is there a qualified aromatherapist or a therapeutic grade essential oils specialist on the staff?
  10. Has the distributor been recommended to you?
  11. How long has the therapeutic grade essential oils specialist firm been established? In the case of Doterra essential oils they have been trading since 2008.
  12. Never leave bottled therapeutic grade essential oils standing on plastic, polished or painted surfaces which can be damaged by the chemical constituents.
  13. Always store therapeutic grade essential oils away from the naked flame.
  14. Store therapeutic grade essential oils away from your homeopathic medications which may be antidoted by the more powerful aromas.
  15. Click here – to download your free essential oils guide

For more in depth information in the therapeutic essential oils guide – click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap……