What will be the top paying careers in 2018?

If you are looking for the best careers for the future you have come to the right place

Best careers for 2018As every year people are searching for the best careers for 2018 in a business opportunity which will continue to be sustainable into the future. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the home business industry, or are a veteran, you may not be aware of all the choices you have available for you. The information I am sharing with you is designed to educate you so you can make the best decision for you. I am also going to share with you information that very few people in the home business industry are aware of, and certainly are not promoting.

Searching for the best careers for 2018

The home business industry offers various business models, however, the most common are direct sales and multilevel marketing. With direct selling, the concept is fairly simple to understand. Some direct sales companies offer multilevel compensation, but for most it is a single level plan where you get paid a commission on the sales you personally produce. Some companies offer compensation based on a percentage of volume, while others offer a set profit margin. With a set profit margin, you have a wholesale cost on product, and a retail price your customers pay, and you make the difference.

The majority of direct sales companies are based on lower priced items such as house wares or skin care for example, which requires that you produce high volume in order to create an income. This is the reason why most people involved with direct sales, are usually part timers, or hobbyists. Some direct sales companies are referred to as direct sales, where the products or services are higher priced offering larger commissions, making it easier to develop a full-time business more quickly.

Direct sales can be a great solution for someone who wants to work part-time and generate some extra cash. The big disadvantage of direct selling, is your income is completely dependent upon your personal efforts. While many people may not agree, I believe that this business option is not the best business choice for 2018 or in fact any time in the future. So, if you are looking to make a significant income quickly and build future stability direct sales is not for you.

Is MLM best careers for 2018?

With MLM, the plan is structured around sponsoring people, and building a team or down-line. The majority of MLM companies market consumption type products, which is any type of product that people would use and repeatedly purchase, such as supplements, weight loss products or therapeutic grade essential oils. Commissions are commonly calculated by a certain percent of sales volume produced by your down-line, either weekly or monthly. The main attraction with MLM is the passive or residual income, gained by building a large team all using auto-ship.

The biggest disadvantage is in order to create a passive or residual income, it does require building a team which takes about 3-5 years on average. Nevertheless, MLM or network marketing have certainly proven itself to be an opportunity for building wealth. Also, on the positive side, many new network marketing have created compensation plans that allow new, mid-term and long-term distributor to make good money from their businesses.

What do I feel is the top paying careers  business model?

In my opinion, a true hybrid business model or compensation plan is the best type of business platform to make money for MLM. You won’t find a large selection of organizations that can boast a business model like this. The hybrid plan is a company that can combine a good retail or direct-sales plan with the benefits of MLM and network marketing. When you can take the advantages of both business models, you can virtually eliminate the disadvantages creating a plan designed for success.

Advantages of the hybrid business model 

  1. A new person to the business can generate a retail income fast such as 25%, which gives consultants the chance to replace their income fast and from day one
  2. A consultant that has been in the business a few month and has sponsored a few consultants can generate a secondary income called fast-start (20% of new consultants personal sales)and a power of 3 bonus (additional bonus if 3 consultant commit to a auto-ship). So while a consultant is building their organization they can start to gain large profits.
  3. A consultant that has been working on their business for a few years can start to gain bonuses from the overall sales of their team. This is when the consultant starts earning a passive or residual income over and over again, without limiting their selves to only one or two income streams.
  4. The consultant can earn all of these bonuses as soon as they want and all at the same time.

Finding the top paying careers

Finding a company that combines the direct-sale / MLM hybrid business model is challenging, simply because there are fewer companies that have the product line to support both a higher commission plan, with a residual plan. Majority of companies can only offer a singular focus in their compensation plan. The good news is they are out there, you just need to do your research to find them.

  1. Look to market an above average, high quality product that customer will search for
  2. Look for a company that offers a hybrid business compensation plan, because you need to be able to produce significant cash flow immediately, without needing to wait for the additional bonuses.
  3. Look for a multilevel compensation plan in place allowing for the residual income. 

There is only one company that offers such a plan and that is a company called Doterra:

  • Retail Profit (Paid Monthly)
    • Wellness Advocates earn 25 percent profit on purchases made by their Retail Customers.
  • Fast Start Bonus (Paid Weekly)
    • Paid on a new enrollee’s PV for their first 60 days. Each enroller must have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order template to participate.
  • Power of 3 Bonus (Paid Monthly)
    • Team Volume must equal 600 points Team Volume: Volume from orders placed by you plus all of your level one Wellness Advocates and customers
    • You and three of your level one Wellness Advocates must have Loyalty Rewards orders of 100 PV or more
  • Unilevel Organizational Bonus (paid monthly on compressed organizational volume)

Best careers for the future

For more information about best careers for the future with Doterra – click here or  PM me and I will get back to you asap…..

12 reasons why you should not become a Doterra Wellness Advocate

No matter how great the Doterra business opportunity seems on paper, before you join Doterra read this article so you really know all the risks!

Doterra Consultant

There is many reason why you should join Doterra and be successful but most people are looking for the catch or the out to allow them to say to themselves, ah that’s why I don’t want to do this business. So below I have put a list of reasons why you should not become a Doterra consultant given you all the opportunity to say, “No, this is not for me”

  1. You may find that using Doterra essential oils will make you feel healthier and happier in you life while enjoying a heightened feeling of well-being allowing you to see that there could be an alternative to fast food and proscription drugs. If you don’t feel that you can live without a daily dose of burgers, fries and burritos, maybe Doterra is not for you.  
  2. You may need to be passionate about taken control of your life as a Doterra distributor and business owner with the belief that you can be more than you already are. So, if you don’t like the idea that being passionate about life, maybe Doterra is not for you. 
  3. You won’t be able to work 9 to 5 because working for yourself will mean choosing your own hours, being flexible and working your business around your family, so if you are looking for a regular job with regular hours, maybe the freedom of working from home as a Doterra Consultant is not for you.
  4. You will be expected to learn lots of new things such as Doterra business practices, Doterra wellness issues and how to use Doterra essential oils. So, if you don’t like learning new things that may help you and your family towards a healthier wealthier future, maybe Doterra is not for you.
  5. You will have to take part in our training program (Membership and Business Overview) so you will start moving your business in the right direction. So, if you are not interested in knowing more about the Doterra compensation plan and business opportunity then maybe Doterra is not for you.
  6. You will be expected overtime to be independent in your thinking and trust your instinct, so you can build your own business empire independently with little assistance from your sponsor. If you are not up for living on your wits, then Doterra maybe not be for you.
  7. You will need to wake up every day driven and motivated to work towards your goals. This may take between 10 to 30 hours a week depending on what their goal are, so if this seems a bit much to you, then maybe Doterra is not for you.
  8. You will need to be over time more daring and fearless then ever in the daily life to achieve your goals. This mean moving our of your comfort zone and doing things that you have never done before, so if this does not sound like you, maybe Doterra is not for you.
  9. You will need to be men or women of actions and not just words. You will need to be people that get on with the things and do things tha need to be done without fussing or complaining. So if you do not feel you could cope with that maybe Doterra is not for you.
  10. You will have to stop doubting yourselves, because even though running a Doterra business takes guts the rewards are great. So if you feel that doubt in your mind that I could never be successful, then maybe Doterra is not for you.
  11. You will need to want the chase and the entrepreneurial spirit to create wealth for you and your family and regardless where you are in life you can create wealth as a Doterra distributor. So, if you don’t see yourself as an entrepreneurial spirit, maybe Doterra is not the platform for you.
  12. You will need to delete “What if?” from your mindset, because the only message you should give yourself is, “What do I have to lose?” (Only 35$ including a free webshop and no monthly fee) So if you feel that 35$ is far too much for a business then Doterra is not for you.

Join DoterraAs you can see, joining Doterra and becoming a Doterra Wellness Advocate / Consultant needs a bit of effort to achieve success but anyone who has been in Doterra for a while understand quickly that the benefits are vast.

So, if you feel that you have the right stuff to become a Doterra Wellness Advocate and want to get started straight away – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….  

Doterra natural pest control for garden

Using Doterra essential oils the garden is very simple, in fact even more simple than making your own homemade garden pest control spray, because Doterra has created a wonderful blend called TerraShield. There is two ways to use TerraShield; first rub TerraShield areas of the body are open to attack from insects in your garden or make your own Doterra terrashield spray, which is entails put 10 – 15 drops of TerraShield in to an entry spray bottle with water. Both ways work well.

Buy essential oils the the garden

Doterra ranks and their journey to success

In the Doterra comp plan, Doterra has created a ranking system to allow the Wellness Advocate to visualize their Doterra income levels, development and success 

Before we discuss the different Doterra ranks, we need to understand two vital elements of the Doterra business plan and that is the PV or Personal Volume and the OV or the Overall Volume.

PV (Personal Volume)

The PV or the personal volume is the wholesale value of most of the Doterra products. Sometimes the PV may be less than the cost but generally they are about the same. However, shipping costs and taxes do not get a PV value, so the monetary amount of your order is normally more than the PV amount.

OV (Overall Volume)

The OV or the Overall Volume is your team volume. The OV becomes more important as you raise through the ranks and qualify for bonuses and rank advancements. The OV (overall Volume) is your PV (Personal Volume) and your teams volume added together. 

Possible Doterra average earnings and ranks

Doterra ranksThe Doterra ranking system begins at the Wellness Advocate and ends at the Presidential Diamond, however considering a very small percentage get as high as Presidential Diamond I have stopped at Diamond. 

Diamond is regarded as the goal for all Doterra consultants because at that point your business will be large enough to leverage itself and create that residue income you have been striving for since you joined Doterra.  

Doterra ranks list

Wellness Advocate

  • Monthly PV: 50

If you are a Wellness Advocate then you are on the first step towards success. The consultant needs a monthly PV of 50 to earn any commissions.

Average Monthly Income: $0 – $100+ monthly

This is the early stage of your Doterra business so you should be growing your customer base, building your network and creating your team.

Average Timeline: 0 months

Manager Rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 500

Achieving the Manager rank is quite easy and simple. You and your team must sell a minimum of 500 OV in 1 month. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

Average Monthly Income: $50 – $100 per month

Average Timeline: 1 month

Director Rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 1000

Achieving Director level rank, the new consultant needs to be a bit more involved with their business because your team needs to sell 1000 total OV in 1 month. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

To achieve this level I would suggest sponsoring two or three wellness advocate to make the transition easier.

Average Monthly Income: $70 – $170 per month

Average Timeline: 2 months

Executive rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 2000

The Executive rank means you are well on your way to success, however to achieve this level your team needs to sell 2000 OV in one month. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

To achieve this ranking I would suggest more team building and starting to help your own team to achieve their goals by helping them to sponsor their own wellness advocates. This will make building a team and gaining the Executive rank easier and more enjoyable.

Average Monthly Income: $300 per month

Average Timeline: 3 months

Elite rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 3000

The Elite rank mean you are really on your way, because your team needs to sell 3000 OV in a month. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

To achieve this ranking I would suggest apart from more team building and helping your downline. This is the time you start to look at Doterra and the business opportunity far more closely than before, because now you are a leader.

This is an important benchmark in your Doterra business career. Achieving the Elite rank tells main sponsor and your team that you are a leader and should be treated as one.  It is likely that you have a small team and you are achieving goals towards success. So, when you reach the rank of Elite, you will receive from Doterra a rank advancement certificate and an Elite rank pin as a thank you.

Monthly Income: $400-$900 per month

Average Timeline: 6 months 

Premier rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 5000
  • Qualifying legs: 2 Executive

Premier level rank is really as important as Elite because you have past into the world of team building. This means that not only does your team need to sell 5000 OV or more a month also the overall volume needs to be spread out on 2 or more legs, with 2 Executives that you have personally enrolled. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

The Premier rank tell us lots about the consultant. It tells us that they are build a team of leaders who are likely to build their own team of leaders. This means that your business is moving in the right direction and you can look back and see where you have come from and who you have helped on the way. So, for reaching the Premier level, you will receive rank advancement certificate and a Premier rank pin and most likely if your sponsor is anything like me a personal congratulations card and some oils as a thank you.

Average Monthly Income: $1100 per month

Average Timeline: 8 months

Doterra income levelsSilver rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 5000*
  • Qualifying legs: 3 Elite 

Note: When you have three Elite downlines your OV will already be 9000 so the monthly OV of 5000 is irrelevant*

Silver rank means you are well on your way to becoming a Diamond consultant, because your team has sold over 9000 OV in a month and you have personally enrolled and created three Elite leaders on three different legs. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

At this point in your business you are likely to be in contact with your team leaders on a daily to weekly based by newsletter or through Facebook or in person. As a Silver level wellness advocate you need to be available to your team leaders, given them support anyway you can. The fact is team build is the key to success so while you are still building your team, teach your downline to do the same. 

As a thank you for achieving the rank of Silver and helping and supporting your team you will receive a personalized rank advancement certificate, a charm bracelet, charms (Elite, Premier, and Silver), and a Silver rank pin.

Average Monthly Income: $2200 per month

Average Timeline: 13 months

Gold rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 5000*
  • Qualifying legs: 3 Premier

Note: When you have three Premier downlines your OV will already be 15000 so the monthly OV of 5000 is irrelevant*

Your sponsor will be calling you Gold because you are a winner. Gold rank means you are truly successful and in fact three team members are heading for success also. This means that your team has sold 15,000 OV in a month, spread out between 3 Premier legs, each with 2 Executive legs and 5000 total OV. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

When someone gets to Gold it is difficult to give advice so all I can say is do what you are doing and you will success to a higher level. As a Gold member you will receive a personalized rank advancement certificate, a Gold rank charm (to be added to the charm bracelet earned at the Silver rank) and a Gold rank pin.

Average Monthly Income: $4800 per month

Average Timeline: 14.5 months

Platinum rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 5000*
  • Qualifying legs: 3 Silver

Note: When you have three Silver downlines your OV will already be 27000 so the monthly OV of 5000 is irrelevant*

When you have achieved the Platinum rank you have achieved great heights. You have a team that is working hard and ticking boxes towards success. To do this your team needs to sell 27,000 OV in a month, divided between 3 silver legs, that you personally enrolled. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

My only suggestion now is do not be complacent and keep your eye on the ball. When people see their downline growing with such little effort they forget that somewhere somehow they are apart of the glue that holds everything together. If course you have team members pushing forward with their own business, which is great but finally you will still need to maintain your business on a daily basis. 

As a Platinum member you will receive a personalized rank advancement certificate, a Platinum rank charm (to be added to the charm bracelet earned at the Silver rank) and a Platinum rank pin.

Average Monthly Income: $8800 per month

Average Timeline: 23 months

Diamond rank

  • Monthly PV: 100
  • Monthly OV: 5000*
  • Qualifying legs: 4 Silver

Note: When you have four Silver downlines your OV will already be 36000 so the monthly OV of 5000 is irrelevant*

What can I say apart from you have achieved a massive accomplishment by becoming a Diamond member. This means you have a great team of consultants that are selling over 36000 OV a month, divided between 4 silver legs, that you personally enrolled. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits
  2. Orders
  3. Personal sales
  4. Autoships (LRP order)

This is the time that you tell Doterra support that you are changing your address to somewhere warm and summer. You are now a self-empowered leader with the world at your finger tips. However, once you have become a Diamond member you will receive a personalized rank advancement certificate, a Diamond rank charm (to be added to the charm bracelet earned at the Silver rank) and a Diamond rank pin. 

Average Monthly Income: $16900 per month

Average Timeline: 36 months

The final two Doterra income levels

There are two more levels but I would end up repeating myself, nevertheless, the final two are Blue Diamond ($41600 a month) and Presidential Diamond ($114300 a month). 

Note: All the Doterra average earnings on this page are no guarantee of earnings only an estimate of what is possible.   

If you are interested in starting a journey with Doterra as a Wellness Advocate – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….. 

What is the network marketing ranking of Doterra oils?

If you are considering starting your own MLM business, you probably will be doing a lot of research about their network marketing company rankings

There are several considerations to take under consideration when choosing a new home based or internet marketing business, one being checking the companies MLM reviews rankings.

Established MLM reviews rankings

Network marketing rankingFirstly discover how long the company been established. Longevity in the multi level marketing business is extremely important. Many startups fail due to several reasons, for example:

  • Poor management
  • Crappy products
  • The products may not be desirable in a couple of years
  • The company is underfunded, hence not able to continue after one or two months or years
  • The company can’t to afford to pay for advertising or training
  • Products may be too dear

Although some of us have made millions from getting in early, there is a big risk involved. If you have no experience in MLM, it may not be a smart move begin your MLM lifestyle with a MLM startup.

Network marketing ranking for Products

Secondly you need to look at the company’s products. If you are a man, you most likely don’t want to push makeup and scent.

The key to promoting a product successfully is to market a product that you have faith in and something that you would buy. It is tough to convince a prospect that what he’s buying is the absolute best, when you know in your heart it is not. So find something that you personally enjoy and can be enthusiastic about.

Avon and Mary Kay remain in the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies selling firms for very sound reason, not only do the individuals that purchase those products love them, but the people that promote their products love them too.

These companies get repeat orders but need to be prepared to go out and demonstrate how those products work to new customers in their homes. So, if you do not like the idea of party plan consider something else.

If you like to cook, you will know the standard of Spoiled Chef products. Again, you will need to give cooking demonstrations, so that might be an idea for you. However, if you are interested in wellness products that sells itself, then Doterra essential oils could be the company for you. Their essential oils are designed to enhance your life and overall wellness.

The best way to choose a business is to go to network marketing company rankings is to check out one of the MLM ranking pages. If you are a man then you will notice that many of the best-performing companies are female oriented such as makeup, clothes, scent etc. Most men would simply strike them off their network marketing company list, but form my experience men do very well in female oriented business, because there are a vast amount of stay at home moms and part-timers who are just looking for a little extra money. While men see a home based business of any type as a sustainable income opportunity that will over time allow them to leave their job.

Another thing you should take into account is the firm’s compensation plan. These can come in the most unusual forms, with all kinds of fancy names. A good company should be well placed to explain their compensation plan so you can understand it, if not move to the next company. This is your future business so it’s essential that you understand everything to guarantee your success.

Doterra MLM reviews rankings example

This Doterra ranking can be found on the respected network marketing ranking site called MLM Rankings

MLM ranking tells us about Doterra that:

DoTerra is a health and wellness company that develops and sells essential oils designed to enhance your life. All of DoTerra’s products are 100% pure, and contain no pesticides or other contaminants. For $35.00, an individual can become a DoTerra Independent Product Consultant and receive a personal website from which they can order product at a 25% discount, as well as refer others to the site and earn commission on product they purchase.

MLM reviews rankingsAlso, MLM rankings tells us that: DoTerra’s position in their index ranks are 6 out of 855 of all the home businesses tracked on their database. 

However, according to Ranking the top 25 MLM’s of 2016 Doterra is second, acknowledging that users swear by the oils, and for whatever reason, people (and not just people in Utah) are strangely passionate about telling their friends about them. Or tagging them in their therapeutic oils home meeting post on Facebook, for that matter.

Arguably, Doterra is the hottest and best network marketing company in the world.

If you are interested in knowing more about the MLM reviews rankings in this industry at the moment or how to get involved with Doterra – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….


Doterra Essential oils reviews for 2018

Congratulations this is a great opportunity to browse the Doterra reviews on this blog and give you a clearer picture of what is new and powerful

Doterra Essential oils reviewsThe Doterra essential oils reviews will show you all the reasons why you will either buy Doterra products or sell Doterra products what ever you choose to do.

Doterra was founded in 2008 by a group of healthcare and business professionals. They believed in a life-enhancing benefits of essential oils and the vision of bringing a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. They wanted something different to share with the world in the essential oils industry.

They asked themselves during many of their own Doterra reviews some defining questions

  • What if we could provide the world with a new and powerful wellness alternative?
  • What if we could provide this new level of wellness through a mainstream approach to essential oils?
  • What if we could source, test, and manufacture a higher quality of essential oil more pure and more potent than any other oil available on the market today?
  • What if we, in a most professional manner, could partner with major hospitals, doctors, scientists, and opinion leaders to provide the most compelling authentication of essential oils on the planet?

Doterra reviewsThey concluded while completing their Doterra Essential oils reviews was that, with the hard work and commitment of others with a similar passion and vision, they could and would create a new paradigm for essential oils coming from many of the Doterra reviews. With that conviction, they organized a company and named it Doterra, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.” the first Doterra Introduction was 25 single oils and 10 oil blends were introduced for sale on April 25, 2008 to the acclaim of essential oil experts and product enthusiasts who immediately recognized the superior quality of Doterra’s therapeutic-grade essential oils at first experience.

Doterra oils reviews introductory kit

Doterra oils reviewsIn addition to ongoing development of new essential oils and proprietary essential oil blends, Doterra’s future product offerings will include nutrition, spa, and healthy living products based on essential oil technologies and a comprehensive wellness philosophy of nutrition, exercise, rest and stress management, reduction of toxic load, informed self-care, and proactive healthcare.

Doterra products are sold exclusively through Independent Product Consultants who, working from home, introduce, educate and sell Doterra products locally through person-to-person contact, globally through personalized web shopping sites as well as the medium of social media.

For more information about our Doterra oils reviews –  click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap…..

How to use On Guard cleaner concentrate in the kitchen

When we started using Doterra we quickly found that firstly the products were great but then we understood that Doterra On Guard uses were vast compared to the other Doterra products. Doterra On Guard could be used for supporting a healthy immune and respiratory function, protecting against environmental threats, promoting a healthy circulation and finally cleansing and cleaning surfaces and work top. So, since last year we have changed all of our cleaning products in the kitchen to Doterra On Guard and not because its healthier to use than traditional cleaning products even thought that is a very good reason. But, because we have found that it cleans far better and it smells far nicer than the products we were using in the past.


  • Put a small amount of Doterra On Guard cleaner concentrate into a spray bottle and add water.

To find out more about Doterra On guard essential oil blend and related On guard cleaning products, click on the button below:

Buying Doterra essential oils