How to create a mindset to success in your Doterra business?

As I remember, before I had a network marketing mindset, it was massively frustrating to work hard at building my business

Mindset to success

We have all been there and somehow at one point in our network marketing careers or in this case our Doterra careers, we suddenly realize, “what am I not doing?”

Most of the information available in books and online explaining how to run a MLM business is great, however they often forget to mention the most important factor that make one person successful and someone else not.

Which is the individual running the business and the mindset needed to become successful

Why do we need a network marketing mindset?

The excitement of starting a Doterra business with all the possibilities that comes with it, is great for the first few months until reality slowly starts to dawn on you:

  • The enroller is supportive and knowledgeable
  • Doterra is well run and their products are just the best
  • And, you really want Doterra success

However, why is your business not moving forward?

  1. Firstly, ask yourself, “Do I have the right mindset to success for Doterra or network marketing?”
  2. And if not, how can I get it?

Running a Doterra business is like running a marathon, which most runners and athletes will understand is 90% mental and 10% physical.

Everyday you work on your business, putting one foot in front of the other, but your mental strength will be the thing that pushes you forward when you feel you cannot continue.

Many years ago, I watch a dear friend of mine during a bad time in his life become successful in a network marketing business. When I asked, “how he managed to become successful while others were not even though his life was a mess?” He told me, “Even though things are bad, people in my life still needed me, so I needed to change my attitude, become self-motivated, have desire and discipline to make this business work.”

Doterra successAfter pondering his answer for many years I put it down to his own mindset to success and turning a bad situation into good. Over the years we get together for a chat and over that time I begun to understand some of the key points that made him successful. So, below I have shared them with you.

The 5 keys gain the right mindset to success

  1. Socialize with successful people: 
    • Consider this, if you socialize with people who are going nowhere guess who else is going nowhere.
    • Find people to inspire you to become more that you are and gain that success you have always desired. 
    • Now, ask yourself if the people you surround yourself with lift you up or cause you to doubt yourself.
    • If they bring you down, what will you do about that?
  2. Never stop learning something new:
    • Learning is about developing new skills which will help one succeed in Doterra. 
    • All network marketers regardless how long they have been in the industry need to home new skills to keep on top of their game.
    • Learning helps the network marketer to become a more interesting person, hence an interesting person to be involved with.
    • These new skills will give you the knowledge to become a leader with a vision and the mindset for success.
    • As you develop, your mind grows and adjusts accordingly giving you the confidence to interact with prospects interested in your Doterra business
  3. There is no such this as “can’t”:
    • Nobody has succeeded in anything when they start the conversation with, “can’t”
    • I have spoken with many people that said they really wanted to be successful in MLM, but they would start by saying:
      • I can’t talk to people about my Doterra business
      • I can’t do sales
      • I can’t find the time
    • Beginning a dialogue with yourself that starts with “can’t” means you have predetermined your chances of success with failure.
    • Limiting what you do in life by saying “I can’t” is counter productive and the death of personal and business success
    • Refer to limited beliefs and the “fixed mindset vs. growth mindset” argument (Google search)
  4. Build a support system:    
    • Who is supporting you?
    • Who is helping you to build your Doterra business?
    • Having a support system can be the difference between success and failure
    • People close to you may not support your efforts or understand why you are involved with Doterra, so surround yourself with positive like-minded people
    • Contact your Doterra sponsor, mentor and use online groups of like-minded people who are all interested in becoming successful in Doterra
    • Establishing a good support system will help you develop a success mindset for your business
  5. Create a positive success routine:   
    • Have you looked at the top network marketers and said to yourself, “I want some of that!”
    • Don’t look at what they have, look at their daily routine. What are they doing everyday to be successful
    • When you see someone who is fit, slim and healthy don’t think how good they look. Think about their daily habits that are needed to achieve this result.
    • The positive routine philosophy can be transferred into your Doterra business and life.
    • What are the top earners doing on a daily basis? Find out! Do something similar in your daily life.
    • The main habits of the most successful network marketers is persistence (Never give up)

How to change your mindset to success

Why do we hold ourselves back from the success and income we really want and deserve? It is a complex question, but in many cases the answer is simple. We are being asked to move out of our comfort zone in an area of possible failure, embarrassment and not comfortable.

Some of us are born with no fear of failure and a confident mindset, but others need to develop these skills overtime.  

Here are some tools that may help you develop and empower yourself towards Doterra success:

  • Write down the things you say you can’t do, so you can own them
  • Write down why you feel it is important for you to change them
  • Now write down an empowered version of yourself without the things you can’t do
  • Visualize yourself so you can see your life with this new empowered version of you and all its benefits
  • Use positive support to find your inner strength.
  • Step out of your comfort zone (One new thing everyday)
  • Work on your personal development to help you empower yourself and your mind.

Network marketing mindset

Have you found what is hold you back from being successful in your Doterra business?

Now, the most important question, what are you willing to do about it?

Every time you change and branch out of your comfort zone and push the limits of what you believe you can do, you are moving one step closer towards a network marketing mindset that will give you Doterra success.

For more details about mindset to success as a Doterra consultant PM me and I will get back to you asap. Alternatively, if you are not a Doterra consultant yet and would like to join my team – Click here and join Doterra now.

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How to find your purpose and passion in life

Regarding our lives and careers, it is desperately difficult to know how to figure out what career you want, in this light how to we achieve success?

How to find your purpose and passion in life

Success of any form in life we firstly need to understand what we want and how we intend to achieve it, before that we are merely looking for our real purpose in life. 

This is not to say, if we are not a doctor or a high acclaimed athlete or a CEO of a major business we are not successful, because the fact is not everyone want this type of success. We may feel that we have succeeded if we brought up some wonderful children and had a successful marriage. However, beyond domestic life I think we can all agree we want a life situation where we have enough money and time to enjoy life.

When did I say “I need to change my life?”

About five years ago I got to the time and place in my life where, believe it or not I had achieved most of my personal goals and even though I was perfectly happy with my life there was something missing. I am sure that it was the chase I was missing and the buzz of achieving something I felt was not achievable a few years earlier, but it was something that needed to be done and something that I hoped others would be proud of me about it.

Well, this was the time I say, “I need to change my life” I need to find a new goal that I could be passionate about and something that I really want.

how to figure out what career you want

Fortunately, a few years earlier my wife and I had been thinking about relocating to Spain, financially it seemed impossible. What would we do there? How would we live? And most importantly where would the money come from? So, the idea of living in Spain became that thing we will do when we retire.

So, the goal was in place, but I needed to take action, stop procrastinating and find a means of transport that would give me what I wanted.

So I wrote down a tick list of what I needed in a business opportunity, it went something like this:

  • I needed an income opportunity that would allow me to work anywhere in the world including Spain
  • I needed a business that would not need me to carry a lot of products around
  • I needed to be able to work from a laptop / PC / Mac
  • It needed to be affordable

After a lot of searching I finally found what I was looking for:

  • This company is available globally
  • Their products are small and fully available online
  • The business can be run from a PC, Mac or Laptop
  • The startup cost is only 35$ / 20€ / £25
  • And everything is in English even though its available in Spanish

As you might imagine things have been going well, the need to change my life and the idea that it would be possible to wake up in the morning with the sound of the sea and the sun on my back has been my motivation to make a success of running a business from home.

What was the method on how to change my life completely?

The method is quite simple and in fact anyone can to it, if they keep to these simple rules:

  1. Take action: If you only say you are intending to start your life over, then it will never happen. Taken action mean doing something and most of the time doing something towards a goal. In my case, it is living in another country, but it can be anything that you are passionate about and will sustain you through the whole process.
  2. Setting goals: Is not always easy to find that life goal because it is more about finding life purpose & passion rather than just something you think you want. I was lucky, I really do know what is making me get up in the morning and stay up late at night.
  3. Making a plan: Depending on how you intend to run your business depends on the plan, but it simply comes down to looking at your own skills and developing them to achieve the goals you have set yourself. As for me, I have been interested in internet marketing for years and now have the time to develop and home them skills with great results.
  4. Work on it every day: It seems simple to just work on something daily, but sometimes things do not go to plan and we are sidetracked by family commitments, work and life itself. In addition, working on a project like this can be difficult if one cannot always see any visible mark of success. However, the real road to success is never simple or easy, but if you are developing your skill and your business mentor is aiming you in the right direct you will be successful in the end.
  5.  Need to change my lifeKeep going until you succeed: Success is also a road of ups and downs, one day you will be high because you have successful achieved a important landmark and the next day you are on a low, when you feel things are not moving fast enough. Most of us who have already achieve success in the past have been along this rocky road before and know the pitfalls, but reflecting back on the purpose, passion and why we are doing what we are doing always help us keep going regardless.

If you would like to learn how to find your purpose and passion in life and take a journey with me toward online success – Click here and read my story. 

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